Digital Due Process @ QuIRI Seminar Series

Here is a good overview of our recent work, presented by director Malte Ziewitz at the QuIRI Seminar Series. The abstract:

What is it like to be judged by a computer system and what if this is done unfairly? In this talk, Malte Ziewitz will introduce the Digital Due Process Clinic, a clinical research program at Cornell, in which students and faculty work together on behalf of people struggling with automated scoring systems. Founded in September 2019, the program takes the didactic model of the law school clinic and transposes it to the social sciences with a particular focus on qualitative research. Responding to the growing use of automated decision systems in all areas of life, the clinic brings together multidisciplinary teams of undergraduate students to document the lived experiences of people who feel mistreated by these systems—and to think about alternative forms of (non-legal) recourse and relief.

The talk introduces the rationale behind digital due process, explains the idea of clinical education, and features some of our current projects. It also discusses challenges of doing qualitative research in multidisciplinary student teams.

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