Our Work

The Digital Due Process Clinic provides high-quality, pro bono services to people struggling with automated scoring systems. Based at Cornell University, the program brings together multidisciplinary teams of students who work on real-world problems under the supervision of experienced faculty.

December 2019 –

Documenting the Lived Experiences of Data Subjects

Search engines are a key example of an automated scoring system. In this project, we document the lived experiences of people struggling with web search results, from small business owners and social activists to people re-entering society after prison terms.

August 2018 –

Restoring Credit: How People Understand and Interact with Credit Scoring Systems

Recovering from a broken credit score can be an existential challenge. While credit bureaus, banks, and regulators tend to suggest that errors can be fixed and scores improved without the need for special expertise, especially low-income Americans and traditionally disadvantaged groups are struggling to keep up. How do people make sense of and engage with scoring systems on a daily basis? Drawing on work in science & technology studies (STS), anthropology, sociology, and information science, this project traces the credit repair journeys of a small number of people in Upstate New York.

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