Humans of AI

January 2022 –

Discussions about AI and automated systems tend to emphasize the need to take into account the experiences of those affected by these systems. Often summarily called ‘data subjects,’ these people have to live with credit scoring, predictive policing, and many other forms of computationally generated judgments on a daily basis. While this has been a noble goal, learning from these experiences has proven difficult. Data subjects are geographically distributed in ways that makes it difficult to learn from them; they are not usually organized or have a voice in these debates; in fact, they may not even be aware that automated systems were involved in a decision.

Image by Gordon Johnson

In this project, we build a new initiative that we call “Humans of AI.” Our goal is collect the stories and experiences of people who have been subject to automated systems and who we do not usually hear about. Using oral history interviews, we work with people who want to share their stories and make them useful for a broader audience.

  • If you have a story you would like to share confidentially, please do not hesitate to get in touch:
  • If you would like to join the project as a researcher or interviewer, just drop us a line.

Funding: NSF CAREER Award (#1848286)


Photo of Joanna

Joanna Moon

Student Researcher

Photo of Kerry Wong standing in portico on West Campus

Kerry Wong

Student Researcher

Photo of Donovan

Kuunemuebari Mini

Student Researcher

Photo of Nabiha

Nabiha Qureshi

Student Researcher

Photo of Nooroo

Noor-E-Jehan Umar

Student Researcher

Photo of Vicki

Vicki Xie

Student Researcher

Headshot of Malte Ziewitz

Malte Ziewitz


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