Everyday Ecologies of Scoring: An Exploratory Map

February 2021 –

What does a human being look like through the lens of all the ratings, scores, and metrics that are supposed to represent them in their daily life? In this project, we map the ecology of scores and scoring that a person has to navigate. Credit scores, performance metrics, Uber ratings, immigration points, consumers scores, insurance risk assessments, and social media karma: we are surrounded by a web of more or less visible metrics that have far-ranging consequences for our lives. Whereas researchers usually study the implications of specific scores and metrics, we are taking a holistic view and want to find out whether and to what extent the myriad of different scoring systems shape and influence each other—and what, if anything, can be done to challenge them.

Funding: NSF CAREER Award (#1848286); Milstein Program for Technology & Humanity


Photo of Carson Crane

Carson Crane

Student Researcher

Photo of Chris Chandra

Christopher Chandra

Student Researcher

Grace Cala

Student Researcher

Photo of Hannah Dominguez

Hannah Dominguez

Student Researcher

Photo of Sam Tesfaye

Sam Tesfaye

Student Researcher

Picture of Stephen Yang

Stephen Yang

Student Researcher

Picture of Valerie Kong

Valerie Kong

Student Researcher

Photo of Chris Hesselbein

Chris Hesselbein

Graduate Teaching Fellow

Photo of Yue Zhao

Yue Zhao

Graduate Research Fellow

Malte Ziewitz

PI; Director

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